(WYTV) – The woman behind a foundation that raises funds and awareness for pediatric cancer hopes no one has to go through what her family endured when they lost their 4-year-old to a brain tumor.

“Nobody on Earth should ever have to live the pain of losing a child,” said Michelle Edenfield.

Its been about 19 months since the Edenfield family lost their daughter Melina to a pediatric brain tumor, a diffuse midline glioma. Their strong 4-year-old daughter fought for 32 days.

“No child should have to live what they go through,” said Edenfield.

Michelle said no matter how hard the days got, Melina always chose joy, and that’s the story behind their non-profit — the Melina Michelle Edenfield Foundation.

No matter how hard the days got, Melina asked her family to always choose joy over sadness.

“If that’s how she impacts people and changes the world then we all win. So if that means that I get to scream her from the rooftop to help make people better, then I’ll do it as long as she will let me,” said Edenfield.

In about 18 months, the foundation has raised $450,000.

Michelle said she’s grateful for the community that rallies around this cause. “I cannot believe what people have done for us, the generosity is unbelievable.”

The foundation has held many events from a bounce and bike workout to a Choose Joy event on the Canfield green, a golf outing, and a 5k race — all with Melina’s motto of choosing joy in mind.

Edenfield hopes her family’s efforts can create a miracle for other families.

“I know there’s a lot of people in life that have struggled so I guess in a way I will gladly represent every one of them and any parent that has ever had to live this, to know that I will fight that nobody else has to feel a pain like this,” said Edenfield.

The Melina Michelle Edenfield Foundation hopes to continue their daughter’s legacy each and every day.

The Melina Michelle Edenfield Foundation will be having a new event on March 19.