WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – For the past two years, hospitals have been home to heroes as they helped patients battle COVID-19. All of them have gone above and beyond. However, one local nurse was nominated by her coworkers for an award for her selfless dedication to her profession.

“Marte is the most compassionate, caring, dependable individual that I’ve ever worked with. Her patients love her, her co-workers love her. She goes above and beyond,” said co-worker Jeanine Sloan.

Those attributes used to describe Marte Lovich, a registered nurse with Mercy Health, are what awarded her the Nightingale earlier this month.

“But part of me was like, ‘Why do I get an award for just doing my job?’ But these guys seem to think that I deserved it, so that was really quite an honor,” Lovich said.

“That award couldn’t have been given to a better individual,” Sloan said.

The Nightingale is awarded to a nurse who is a committed and instrumental individual to the profession and their organization.

“Well, number one, she’s always thinking of everybody else first. She would give you the shirt off her back if you asked her for it. She has a clothing closet we have in the bath that we set up for patients who come in in the winter without hats and gloves and I think, actually, she was,” Sloan said.

And the good works don’t stop there.

“She also goes above and beyond with her patients, like I mentioned earlier. Not only the patients in here, out of here too. She checks up on some of them and makes sure they have what they need if they don’t have it,” Sloan said.

Lovich has been doing this since 1996. She and Sloan have been working together for three years. Sloan says nursing aside, Lovich is just an overall great person.

“It’s a pleasure working with her. I enjoy working with her, her co-workers enjoy working with her. Her patients come in and ask for her, ask for Marte. They just love Marte,” Sloan said.

“I’ve been here a long time so some of them think that I’m, you know, expect me to be here, so,” Lovich said.

To Lovich, it’s a group effort, and for Sloan, that’s made easier by having a person like Lovich to work with.

“I’ve been a nurse for 36 years. By far is probably one of the best nurses I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with… by another 36 years, I want to be right by her side,” Sloan said.