(WYTV) – This week’s Hometown Hero is a special woman who has gone above and beyond to give back to her community.

Beverly Oaks has a long history in the restaurant business.

After her retirement in 1991, the Jamestown Lion’s Club asked her to cook her monthly meals for them.

For the last six years, Oaks and a team of loyal volunteers have been cooking and helping the Jamestown Lion’s Club.

“It makes me feel good that I’m back in my hometown where I started in 1979, when we first had the restaurant in Jamestown,” says Oaks. “I’m back in the community where I started.”

Oaks’ gracious work within her community has not gone unnoticed. The Jamestown Lion’s Club gave her the Melvin Jones Award back in June. This honor goes to an individual for their outstanding service.

“It’s very rewarding, it makes me feel so good [about] the things that I have done, I have never dreamed I would be here,” says Oaks.

What is most remarkable about her nomination is that this award usually goes to a member of the lion’s club. Though she’s not a member, Oaks gives back to the club on her own time.

She also credits her family, especially her mother for being her inspiration.

Her team of volunteers make everything possible.

“I have a great team that works with me. I couldn’t ask for better people,” says Oaks. “A lot of the team that works with me have worked for us for a lot of years in the business.”

Oaks says she will continue to volunteer for the Jamestown Lion’s Club and give back to the community that has become so close to her heart.