WEST POINT, NY (WYTV) — This week’s Hometown Hero takes us to West Point, New York. That’s where we find senior Sabria Hunter, a Valley native and quite the athlete.

Sabria Hunter is a 2019 graduate of Austintown Fitch High School. Soon she will graduate from West Point Military Academy before serving our country for at least five years.

“There’s different branches like within the Army, and I’m branching med service — medical service — so that’s what I’ll do after here,” Hunter said.

Hunter said she’s excited to serve in the army, something she never gave serious thought on until the end of high school.

“I never, like, really actually considered like coming to West Point or, like, serving the Army until I think it was my junior year of high school I really started to look into West Point and stuff,” she said.

Hunter says her family is a big inspiration for her.

“My main goal has just always been to be a good role model for them and coming to the academy kinda gave me an opportunity not only to keep leading for my family but also to serve others, not only at the academy, but one day in the operational Army,” she said.

Hunter has some advice for other athletes in the area as well.

“The thing that’s kept me going here is trying to be that inspiration and role model for others,” Hunter said. “Like, even in high school play for all the little girls that are looking up to you. And whoever that is for you just play for them.”

Hunter is finishing up the final college basketball season of her impressive career. Back in 2019, she was named one of WKBN’s Starting Five winners, which honors the valley’s best high school basketball players.

“What motivates me to keep doing that is just thinking about all the people that have kind of like paved the way before me and wanting to continue doing that for others that come after me as well,” Hunter said.