CAMPBELL, Ohio (WYTV) — To serve and protect — Officer Jim Conroy believes it extends to all, including animals. He championed a new law in Campbell and says the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Renee Habart from Campbell nominated this week’s Hometown Hero. Carmelo and hundreds of other animals would probably agree that Conroy is deserving of the honor.

Carmelo was outside on a two-foot chain for eight years.

“I just heard a dog just barking repeatedly, and it was just nonstop and for me. It was just not normal, and he was kinda in a secluded area, surrounded by trees. You couldn’t see him, and I actually had to come up on him in the corner of the backyard, and I found him,” said Conroy.

Officer Conroy hooked Carmelo up with Pet Lodge to help place the dog. Campbell now has a “no tether” ordinance. This makes it much easier for police to take action.

“It takes a lot of these pre-qualifications that we have to have to remove an animal. I mean right now, you just can’t have your dog out there tethered, and if it’s not in good condition we’re going to take further action,” said Conroy.

When the city announced it was tearing down the run down, company houses, Officer Conroy knew it could be devastating to the many stray cats.

“And a lot of people volunteered and they came out and we trapped, neutered and removed on one weekend it was 107 cats,” said Conroy.

Hometown Heroes can’t do it alone.

“I could not do what I’m doing without the help I get from the chief, the mayor, city council, and also the rescues and fosters that step up to help out these animals when I do find one in need. Those to me are the people that are heroes,” said Conroy.