(WYTV) – This week’s Hometown Hero came up with an idea that helps others in ways she’ll probably never know.

It started with a conversation with her grandmother.

“We started a ‘Blessing Box’ to help out people that need things in their daily lives that they don’t have already,” said Hometown Hero Madelyn Fonagy.

She saw a need, put together a box, filled it with items and waited.

“When we first started, it was really slow. But now that the community knows about it, it has picked up a lot,” Madelyn said.

You can find the box at her grandfather’s dentist’s office in Brookfield. Even he was surprised at the local outpouring of support.

“You would think people would be taking stuff than giving, but that’s awesome for them doing that,” said Dr. Joseph Fonagy.

Her classmates at Hubbard High School are taking notice.

“All my friends say I’m very inspiring. People come up to me in the store and tell me, ‘Great job, keep doing what you’re doing,'” Madelyn said.

For high school students, doing these things in the community is a win-win for everybody.

“Any time you are doing any type of service project, we tell our students to log those things. It helps get into National Honor Society, helps with your college applications, it helps with scholarship applications because they’re looking for students who go above and beyond just the academics,” said Hubbard High School Principal Brandie Yobe.