COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WYTV) – Six-year-old Hannah Tringhese is what her mother describes as an “old soul.”

In March, Hannah was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. But watching her play with her 4-year-old sister Abby, you’d never know that she is sick.

Hannah, this week’s Hometown Hero, is known across the community for her strength, along with her signature purple glasses. Those glasses are on display all over the Valley. From t-shirts to lapel pins, the glasses are a reminder for the community to pray for Hannah.

It was less than two months ago that Hannah’s parents, Tom and Sarah, received the shocking news of her diagnosis. Hannah is currently going through treatment, already receiving her first cycle.

The family goes through the full range of emotions everyday, but Hannah’s smile and her love for helping others has strengthened them.

“She just has this attitude of joy and always wanting to give to other kids, and she keeps us going. We’re really, really proud of her,” Sarah said.

Hannah told her parents she wanted to donate some of the gifts she’s been given, especially a tablet that has games on it for the children to play with while they await surgery.

“It blows us away. She’ll just have this idea and get so excited because she wants to give something to other kids and just to make them feel better. She’s gonna beat this thing. She’s gonna come through,” Sarah said.

Sarah teaches at the Struthers City Schools, but she said recently Hannah has been the one doing the teaching.

“She always has Jesus on her mind. We could be driving in the car, and she’ll be drawing a picture in the backseat and it’ll be of Jesus in her heart,” she said. “She just reminds me to keep my eyes focused on him and she’s the one that’s keeping us going.”

The family says the best way that people can help Hannah is by donating blood to the children’s hospital. That donation can help other sick kids in similar circumstances.