POLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – There are usually half-a-dozen projects going at once on Stephanie Markey’s laptop. Juggling her school workload and helping others along the way is a gift she shares with everyone in her community.

It all starts with her faith.

“Her wonderful ministry here at Holy Family Parish School but moreover, her ministry at Holy Family Parish,” Msgr. Connell said. “For her, it’s all one unit of service, and joy and enthusiasm.”

Stephanie is a Spanish teacher for Early Learning Schools, Montessori School of Mahoning Valley, and Holy Family in Poland. Above all, she is a grateful wife and mom of three.

At Holy Family School, she’s like a second mom to the entire student body.

“It’s that she knows every child in our school by name and I would say she probably knows 90% of both of their parents,” Principal Kathy Stoops said.

Stephanie loves snapping pics to send to parents, not only with scholastics, but with athletics as well.

“Kids capturing a personal best, trying something new,” she said. “Capturing those for the parents. As parents, we don’t usually capture pictures of our kids in the moment because we’re too into the moment.”

A health scare led to Stephanie’s appreciation for the little things.

“I also had a life-changing experience when I was 21. I had open heart surgery from a congenital defect and it’s kind of when life did a big flip,” she said. “Life is short and you have to embrace those moments, the day-to-day moments, that people miss.”