AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — You’ll find our Hometown Hero this week at the Austintown Senior Center busy making special pillows and helping others do the same.

Mary Lou Kosco of Austintown is busy in the sewing room. So far, she and her group have made hundreds of comfort pillows meant for mastectomy patients, many going to the Joanie Abdu Breast Cancer Center.

“Oh, it’s helping people that really need help, and it really makes you feel good when you know that they’re getting help — a little bit, anyway,” said Kosco.

Kosco’s been here for seven years and started sewing as soon as she walked in the door and saw the need for it, and she convinced all her friends to come down and help her.

“It’s just nice to help people that need the help, so we’re always glad to do it for them. There are many others besides me,” said Joanne Yukon of Youngstown.

Kosco is forever picking up new projects. Her latest is sewing bibs for patients in nursing homes.

“Because a lot of people, they just, you know, when they put them on sometimes they drip a little something, so they have this because they do wear nice clothes there,” said Kosco.

It’s not all needle and thread at the Austintown Senior Center. Sometimes, Kosco finds time to take a quick spin on the dance floor with Len Rome from Daybreak Nation, then it’s back to friends, sewing and volunteering.