Hometown Hero and professional musician uses talents to give back to local charities

Hometown Heroes

Steve Vuich performs live on Facebook, where his audience can then donate to several local charities

(WYTV) – Steve Vuich is a Shenango Valley native and has been a professional musician since he was 15. During the pandemic, he was inspired by his daughter to put his talent to work.

Since November, Vuich has been performing live on Facebook, where his audience can then donate to several local charities.

“I started donation buttons and they were for Community Food Warehouse, Children’s Society of Mercer County, No Kid Hungry,” he said.

Vuich says he has played concerts for charity before, but now it’s easier and he can do it more often.

“I was used to playing five, six, seven nights a week for many years. So for this, I don’t even have to go out and set up anymore. I just go in the bedroom, turn on a phone or an iPad and start making noise for charity,” he said.

He even lets his audience pick the charity sometimes.

“I started, a few weeks ago, doing ‘Charity Chooseday Tuesday’ kind of to make people who are part of this even more a part of it. They could choose the charity that they’d like to pick to have people donate to,” Vuich said.

Even 33 WYTV has played a role in the charities he chooses.

“Sometimes watching you guys on the news would trigger what I would do the next night,” he said.

In these donations, there’s no middle man.

“It’s not like I’m playing and then people donate to me and then I have to write a check. I don’t see any money from this. It just goes directly to the charity, whichever charity we choose. 100% of the donations goes directly to that charity,” Vuich said.

He says he does his part but gives all the credit to those who donate.

“I give my share, my wife and I donate, but we can’t donate $5,000 a month per month and a half like these folks have done,” Vuich said. “If you’re doing something positive that’s helping somebody else, that’s all anybody can ask of anybody.”

He takes requests and also plays some originals.

“I’ll play you the new song that I’m working on. It’s actually an instrumental that’s currently titled ‘The Giving Song,'” he said.

Vuich doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

“It’s addictive, ya know? Once you give, you gotta give more,” he said.

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