(WYTV) — The non-profit group Friends of Fido recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary. In that time, they’ve been responsible for helping and saving countless dogs.

Board member Brooke Vaughn spoke about their efforts, and how they helped fund care for some heartbreaking cases of animal abuse and neglect.

You may remember this story of the pup named Pizza who was found shot in the face last month. Pizza is now staying with a foster mom. Workers at the pound said he is doing great, has no accidents in the house, loves lying in his foster mom’s lap at night to watch TV, and said he wouldn’t be here today without the aid of Friends of Fido.

“Recently there have been a couple dogs that have been shot and need saved and some other tragic cases. When we put the call out to the community, they respond,” said Vaughn.

Vaughn said community support has been everything to their organization — taking them from a small group of people selling candy bars to buy dog collars, to a life-saving financial arm of the pound.

“The majority of our money goes toward medical. For example, in the month of March alone we spent well over $20,000 because unfortunately, we had some really tragic cases come in,” said Vaughn.

Last month’s expenditures have them close to a financial milestone. In the last 10 years, they estimate they’ve funded care for a total of around $975,000.

“If that’s the case, with $20,000 in March, we are probably right around $1 million since Friends of Fido started its spending to save the dogs in our community,” said Vaughn.

Vaughn said the average spent per year is around $100,000. Every dog that comes through the pound is helped by Friends of Fido. In addition to covering major medical costs, all heartworm prevention is funded by the group. Getting dogs into rescues is another major part of their efforts.

“When we send a dog to that rescue, we pay for that fee that goes to the pound — that adoption fee, and we also will usually send money with the dog to the rescue to continue whatever medical treatment or behavior classes, whatever may be needed to continue to care for that dog,” said Vaughn.

Caregivers at the pound said they couldn’t save as many dogs without Friends of Fido. Seeing those second chances is what keeps everyone involved going.

“All of the emotional drain and strain, it’s worth it to see a dog on a couch, in a bed, walking around, cuddling a little kid. You know they get their boy or their girl and they get to live that happy life. It makes it worth it for every single one of them, what we do,” said Vaughn.

If you want to help in their efforts or get involved click here. They have an Amazon Wishlist on their website and a tab to donate. They also have several events throughout the year and post updates on their Facebook page.