BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Bugs in the classroom, asparagus growing near the teacher — when Laura Frost is in front of students at Glenwood Junior High School in Boardman, anything is possible!

Tonight, we take a look into the deep, green world of this week’s Hometown Hero.

Welcome to Frost’s outdoor classroom! Whenever the weather’s good, the kids are out in the courtyard among the flowers of her pollinator garden.

Principal Bart Smith calls her a real whirlwind when it comes to teaching science.

“Yes, we do wind her up and let her go, and like I mentioned at a board meeting once, like a tornado but it never really touched down. It creates beauty, really,” Smith said.

Frost, Scott Leonhart and other teachers have, over the years, brought in $70,000 worth of grants and equipment to furnish this outdoor classroom. Frost has been at the center of them all.

“My students and science, those are my two biggest passions, you know, trying to instill the love of science into every student that I have,” she said.

The garden looks chaotic, but there’s a reason for it.

“People always like, ‘What is that?’ Just wait, just wait. We always get caterpillars and lots of insects in there too,” Frost said.

The students feed the garden with compost in a giant tub provided by Frost.

“Being able to compost the food waste at school in the cafeteria, we can actually turn it into soil and then we use it in our gardens,” she said.

Frost always has some new science project in mind for her students.

“Getting the kids outside and learning about our ecosystems here and what cool species we have in our area,” she said.

How does Frost’s garden grow? Like her students: very well.