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Founder & CEO of Cornerstone United Jamaica Holdings Limited, Paul Simpson, Participates in Green Accelerator in Davos

The event is an exclusive, invitation-only platform for companies and forward-thinking executives working on solutions to climate change.

JAMAICA, January 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Founder, CEO, and Group President of Cornerstone United Jamaica Holdings Limited, Paul Simpson, is pleased to announce his participation in the Green Accelerator in Davos, during the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Speaking with leaders of global financial institutions, innovators, and changemakers in the climate change space, Simpson made the case for private-sector impact-driven investments in the Caribbean.

Simpson, a Caribbean Futurist, spoke after esteemed economist and author, Prof Dr. Nouriel Roubini, and discussed the importance of producing high-quality and sustainable growth from and for the Caribbean - and the vital role global investors can play. According to Simpson, the region, which is on the frontlines of the effects of climate change, is ripe for innovation and investments. Additionally, he spoke of the need for investments in renewable energy as one example of a critical investment pathway.

“Renewables can help to drive down the price of electricity, which generally is double the cost of advanced economies, and can have an economy-wide effect.” Simpson states. “With a competitive advantage in renewable energy sources in the Caribbean, Barita and Cornerstones’ efforts to accelerate a region-wide clean energy transition can provide at scale - an outsized positive effect in the region and a significant return on investment.”

Speaking after the event, Simpson highlighted the need for global investment in the region, saying "Governments and development banks can only help so much. In the Caribbean, access to global liquidity and markets is key to unlocking our potential as a region, and through impact-investing we can unlock those opportunities.”

Present at the event included mission-driven financiers, Responsible Alpha’s CEO Gabriel Thoumi and Dr. Isabelle Canu, partner at the Green European Tech Fund. In Davos, Simpson also engaged global financial titans, such as Jamie Dimon, Larry Summers, and Stephen Schwarman in an effort to draw attention to the region.

For more information about Cornerstone, please visit https://cornerstone.com.jm/.

About Cornerstone United Holdings Jamaica Ltd.

Cornerstone United Holdings Jamaica Ltd. (“Cornerstone” or “CUHJ”) is a privately held investment holding company whose shareholders are captains of industry across the Caribbean. Its principal focus is creating shareholder value through investing in high growth and undervalued companies, mergers, and acquisitions. Cornerstone Investments Holdings Limited (“CIHL”) is the St. Lucia counterpart to the Jamaican company.

About World Economic Forum

The 53rd edition of the World Economic Forum was based on the theme 'Cooperation in a fragmented world.' World leaders, change-makers, and business leaders under this theme highlighted the need for public-private dialogues and partnership to address the many global challenges the world is currently navigating.

About Green Accelerator in Davos

The Green Accelerator is an exclusive invitation-only platform for companies, forward thinking executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and startups working on solutions to climate change. The event seeks to showcase climate solutions, cultivate connectivity and cooperation to advance climate action, the United Nations SDGs, and to support the transition to a green and regenerative economy.

Paul Simpson
Cornerstone United Holdings Jamaica Ltd.

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