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VitaNav's Kenetik Ketone Drink is “Preferred Product” for American Brain Council

Tastes Better, Costs Less

The benefits of ketosis have become clear to researchers, and the fact that exogenous ketones can produce the condition in the human body is important.”
— Peter Bayne, co-founder of VitaNav Inc
WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The American Brain Council has named VitaNav's Kenetik Ketone Drink its “Preferred Product” in the category. A recent study that the Council commissioned notes that Kenetik tasted better, cost less per serving and was easier to use than competing products. In addition, the study found that Kenetik was as effective or more so than other drinks at boosting ketone levels in the body and that it does not require a user to get acclimated to it.

The investigational study was designed to determine the best products currently available for promoting ketosis. The ABC said, “After reviewing the recommendations of some of the top experts in Brain Health (like Dale Bredesen, MD from UCLA, who recently reversed cognitive decline in 9 of 10 advanced Alzheimer’s patients, and who is a major advocate of ketosis), reviewing comparison studies on more than a dozen of the best products in this category, and conducting our own in-house comparison trial with 20 seniors, ages 57 to 90, we have chosen to endorse Kenetik, as our 'Preferred Product' in this category.”

Ketosis is the condition the body enters when there are not enough carbohydrates, e.g., glucose, available to burn for energy. During ketosis, the body burns fats, and ketones are the result. This provides a clean, potent alternative energy source for the brain. Historically, accessing ketones as an energy source required fasting or a ketogenic diet to achieve. Research has shown, however, that consumption of exogenous ketones can induce nutritional ketosis and provide energy from ketones on any diet.

The American Brain Council's report cited numerous benefits to the brain and central nervous system that ketones can produce. Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Crohn's patients could benefit from ketone drinks along with those fighting ALS, MS, diabetes and hypertension according to the ABC.

Peter Bayne, co-founder of VitaNav Inc. said, “The benefits of ketosis have become clear to researchers, and the fact that exogenous ketones can produce the condition in the human body is important. Fasting or following a ketogenic diet long enough to achieve ketosis is hard, and it’s just not practical for a lot of people.”

He also said, “A drink that can produce nutritional ketosis isn’t helpful though, if people can't or won't swallow it. The very first product in this category was reviewed in Inc. magazine a while ago, and the taste was compared to nail polish remover. In addition, it cost more than Dom Perignon by volume. Kenetik has overcome these two points of resistance with a great fruit-flavored taste and a more affordable price. And we are continuing to improve and vary the flavors and lower the cost of production.”

Every bottle of Kenetik contains 10g of a premium blend of pure, plant-based ketones - the same ketone molecule our bodies naturally produce. The drink has no added sugar as Kenetik is sweetened with allulose and stevia. The natural fruit flavor comes from real juice and oils that are low-temperature dried to lock in the flavonoids to boost the taste. Moreover, Kenetik is caffeine, gluten and soy free with only 60 calories per serving.

About the American Brain Council
Founded in 2014, the goal of the American Brain Council is to provide insights into the latest empirically validated strategies for improving brain health and memory while reducing the risk for dementia, anxiety disorders, depression and related cognitive decline. They provide continuing educational opportunities for healthcare professionals in brain optimization and related fields. As well as the latest insights to enable individuals to develop a synergistic personalized brain fitness program that includes diet and lifestyle changes, brainwave training, online personalized brain training activities, tailored to these unique needs, plus, if needed, assistance from a Brain Fitness Specialist certified in dementia prevention.

About VitaNav Inc.
VitaNav Inc. is determined to help people get the most out of life by providing the brain and body boost people need to stay healthier and meet the demands of their busy days. By supercharging nature’s powerful human fuel into an easily consumed drink, VitaNav makes it possible to reach sustained energy, better focus and brain health. VitaNav was founded in 2018, and Kenetik is the result of years of research and experimentation in harnessing the power of ketones without the strict keto diet. For more information, visit www.drinkkenetik.com

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