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Student Athlete: Atianna Caggiano

The Mineral Ridge senior is a State Champion gymnast and former Junior...

MINERAL RIDGE, Ohio (WYTV) - Mineral Ridge senior Atianna Caggiano not only has a unique name, she also has a unique talent on the gymnastics floor.

Atianna is a top-ranked gymnast, and cheerleader, plus is a leader in the classroom and now, our Student Athlete of the Week.

"I always have chosen the harder path in academics as well as here," said Caggiano. "I always try to be the best that I can be."

Standing 5'1", Atianna is a small, but fierce competitor on the gymnastics floor. She's been competing since she was three years old. Now,15 years later, she's one of the top amateur performers in the state.

"My mom said that when I was born, I was born with my feet behind my head," said Caggiano. "So they always joke around and say that I was meant to do gymnastics because of how flexible I was."

Atianna is indeed a natural in the gym. She's a State Champion and former Junior Olympian. Last year, she also represented Ohio as one of eight athletes selected on the State Platinum team.

"Being on the state team was something that meant a lot to me because not everyone gets to do that," said Caggiano. "Not everyone gets to be on a state team, not everyone can say that they competed for Ohio."

Outside the gym, Atianna ranks 13th in her class with a 3.5 GPA. She plans on attending Youngstown State and eventually going to Med School for Oncology. She also plans to stay active in the sport that she loves.

"When I'm stressed this is where I come because I can just work out and just not think about the things that stress me out. When I'm stressed for a test I'll be here and I'll practice and I'll go home and then I'll attack the homework."

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