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Spring and summer often go hand-in-hand with sniffling, sneezingĀ and itching

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) - Spring and summer often go hand-in-hand with sniffling, sneezing, and itching. 

It's a good idea to see your allergist sooner rather than later to control your symptoms. 

That may mean getting an allergy shot but if you don't care for needles, try a tablet to treat grass and ragweed allergies.

Dr. Sandra Hong from the Cleveland Clinic said one tablet can benefit you for more than one allergy season.

"You can actually take a tiny, little pill and put it underneath your tongue and it could actually help you and benefit you three, four years out -- after your season."

You might also try using a steroid nasal spray by itself as the first line of defense against nasal allergy symptoms.

One other thought on those immunotherapy tablets for grass and ragweed -- you should take them a few months in advance, and it's important you take your first dose in your doctor's office in case you have an allergic reaction. 

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