April is National Foot Health Awareness Month

Bobovnyik said there are a few things we should do to care properly for our feet

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) - Dr. Denise Bobovnyik from Canfield Family Doctor joined 33 News Tuesday morning to educate us on National Foot Health Awareness Month.

We walk roughly 100,000 miles in a lifetime according to Bobovnyik. With a much walking as we do on our feet, there are many complications that can occur.

"There's a lot of things to look at when it comes to your feet. Number one you have structural problems. You can be born with flat feet, you can have bunions, you could have in-grown toe nails, as women get older you can have osteoporosis, you can get stress fractures on your feet," Bobovnyik said. 

She said the second thing to look for is different kinds of foot infections like athletes foot or bacterial infections.

The third thing she says you can develop in your feet is diseases, such as neuropathy. Neuropathy can come from Diabetes, thyroid problems, and this disease can cause numbness in your legs and feet.

Bobovnyik said there are a few things we should do to care properly for our feet.

Wash your feet everyday and dry them, especially in between your toes to avoid the growth of fungus. Where socks with your shoes to absorb any sweat. Change your shoes regularly. 

She also says women should allow time for unpainted toe nails. This gives the feet time to breathe without any chemicals on them.


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