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Dr. Shayesteh: Blood Pressure

Over 70 million in the United States struggle with blood pressure.

(WYTV) - Are you on blood pressure medicine and you'd like to get off of it? 

Dr. Shayesteh joined 33 WYTV Daybreak with what advice he has to get rid of your medicine.

When it comes to blood pressure, it's absolutely a silent killer, because most people have high blood pressure and they're not aware, because there's no specific symptom. That's why we call it a silent killer.

Over 70 million in the United States struggle with blood pressure. The question is, blood pressure is the number one contributing factor for heart attack and stroke. That's why knowing your numbers is very important. Keeping your blood pressure normal is the most critical step to prevent cardiovascular disease. 

What causes high blood pressure? Number one is abdominal obesity. When we have too much belly fat, it actually causes a condition called insulin resistance which means the body produces too much insulin and insulin activates our system, tells out kidneys to increase sodium water retention, so blood pressure goes up and also causes severe inflammation, a major contributing factor for high blood pressure. Stress releases cortisol, and causes constriction, and squeezes our arteries basically, and increases the blood pressure. Nutrition, poor nutrition, diet high in saturated fats, trans fats, sodium, is a major contributing factor. In most cases a small amount of weight loss of five to ten percent can correct your blood pressure, because of correcting your belly fat. Your nutrition, load it up with potassium, magnesium, calcium, they relax your arteries and reduce your blood pressure. Adding some physical activity reduces the stress hormone, cortisol contributes. So basically when it comes to controlling your blood pressure, food is the best medicine you can take. 

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