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Pledge of Allegiance Schedule

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WYTV 33 and The Hometown Pharmacy are proud to announce a new initiative that highlights local schools during WYTV 33 News Daybreak with Len Rome and Jim Loboy. This new program will feature elementary students from area schools reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

WYTV 33 and The Hometown Pharmacy – bringing you the Pledge of Allegiance airing every weekday on WYTV between 6:30 – 7:00 AM.

Pledge of Allegiance Air Schedule (days without a class are TBA)

2018 schedule:

Monday, January 8 West Hill Elementary Mrs. Hicks 1st Grade
Tuesday, January 9 West Hill Elementary Miss May 1st Grade
Wednesday, January 10 West Hill Elementary Ms. DeJulia Kindergarten
Thursday, January 11 West Hill Elementary Mrs. Fadden 2nd Grade
Friday, January 12 West Hill Elementary Mrs. Iacino Kindergarten

Monday, January 15 Holy Family School Mrs. Oslin 3rd Grade
Tuesday, January 16 Holy Family School Mrs. Sfara 2nd Grade
Wednesday, January 17 Holy Family School Mrs. Holsinger 4th Grade
Thursday, January 18 Holy Family School Mrs. Abbattista 5th Grade
Friday, January 19 Holy Family School Mrs. Seifert 1st Grade

Monday, January 22 Holy Family School Mrs. Fryda 1st Grade
Tuesday, January 23 Holy Family School Mrs. Hammerton 5th Grade
Wednesday, January 24 Holy Family School Mrs. Grossman Kindergarten
Thursday, January 25 Holy Family School Mrs. Donofrio 4th Grade
Friday, January 26 Holy Family School Mrs. Morgan Kindergarten

Monday, January 29 Joshua Dixon Elementary Mrs. Maloney 3rd Grade
Tuesday, January 30 Joshua Dixon Elementary Mrs. Moore 1st Grade
Wednesday, January 31 Joshua Dixon Elementary Mr. Covert 1st Grade
Thursday, February 1 Joshua Dixon Elementary Mrs. Miller 1st Grade
Friday, February 2 Joshua Dixon Elementary Mrs. Dickinson 1st Grade

Monday, February 5 Joshua Dixon Elementary Mrs. Best 3rd Grade
Tuesday, February 6 Joshua Dixon Elementary Mrs. Beggs 3rd Grade
Wednesday, February 7 Joshua Dixon Elementary Miss Finley 3rd Grade
Thursday, February 8 Joseph Badger Mrs. Betts Kindergarten
Friday, February 9 Joseph Badger Mrs. Barker Pre-School

Monday, February 12 Joseph Badger Mrs. Frantz Pre-Kindergarten
Tuesday, February 13 Joseph Badger Mrs. Denise Starr Kindergarten
Wednesday, February 14 Joseph Badger Mrs. Seara 1st Grade
Thursday, February 15 Joseph Badger Mrs. Monteforte 1st Grade
Friday, February 16 Joseph Badger Mrs. Hoover 2nd Grade

Monday, February 19 Jackson Milton Elementary Mrs. McMurray 5th Grade
Tuesday, February 20 Jackson Milton Elementary Mrs. Houser 2nd Grade
Wednesday, February 21 Jackson Milton Elementary Mrs. Bettura 2nd Grade
Thursday, February 22 Jackson Milton Elementary Mrs. Braddock 5th Grade
Friday, February 23 Jackson Milton Elementary Mr. Ferguson 5th Grade

Monday, February 26 Joseph Badger Mrs. Deraway 2nd Grade
Tuesday, February 27 Joseph Badger Mrs. Ewell 3rd Grade
Wednesday, February 28 Joseph Badger Mrs. Jaskiewicz 3rd Grade
Thursday, March 1 Joseph Badger Mrs. Freel 3rd Grade
Friday, March 2 Joseph Badger Mrs. Bins-Castronovo 4th Grade

Monday, March 5 Joseph Badger Mrs. McWilliams 4th Grade
Tuesday, March 6 Willard Pre K-8 Mrs. Dressel Kindegarten
Wednesday, March 7 Willard Pre K-8 Mrs. Mrs. Goff 2nd Grade
Thursday, March 8 Willard Pre K-8 Mrs. Dragish/Mrs. Evans 2nd Grade
Friday, March 9 Willard Pre K-8 Mrs. Stawiski Grade 2

Monday, March 12 Willard Pre K-8 Mr. Street/Mrs. Burford Kindgarten
Tuesday, March 13 Willard Pre K-8 Mrs. Mrs. Godoy 2nd Grade
Wednesday, March 14 Willard Pre K-8 Mrs. Opperman/Mrs. Snier 6th Grade
Thursday, March 15 Willard Pre K-8 Mrs. Baker 3rd Grade
Friday, March 16 Willard Pre K-8 Miss. Knox 5th Grade

Monday, March 19 Willard Pre K-8 Miss. McCracken 4th Grade
Tuesday, March 20 Valley Christian – Pleasant Grove Campus Miss. Penney K
Wednesday, March 21 Valley Christian – Pleasant Grove Campus Mrs. Jacobsen K
Thursday, March 22 Valley Christian - Pleasant Grove Campus Miss. Anderson K
Friday, March 23 Lewis School Mrs. Maxin & Mrs. Jenkings Grade 3 and 4 Grade

Monday, March 26 Lewis School Ms. Windon & Mrs. Singleton Grade 5 and 6 Grade
Tuesday, March 27 Lewis School Mrs. Bell Grade 7
Wednesday, March 28 Hubbard Elementary Mrs. Reyes 2nd Grade
Thursday, March 29 Hubbard Elementary Mrs. Manzo/Mrs. Panozzo Kindergarten
Friday, March 30 Hubbard Elementary Mrs. Libeg Kindergarten

Monday, April 2 Hubbard Elementary Mrs. Williams 1st Grade
Tuesday, April 3 Hubbard Elementary Mrs. Maiorano 1st Grade
Wednesday, April 4 Hubbard Elementary Mrs. Reel 1st Grade
Thursday, April 5 Valley Christian School Mrs. Fitch 1st Grade
Friday, April 6 Valley Christian School Mrs. Hood 5th Grade

Monday, April 9 Valley Christian School Mrs. Kidd 1st Grade
Tuesday, April 10 Valley Christian School Mrs. Brockway 1st Grade
Wednesday, April 11 Valley Christian School Mrs. Salmen 3rd Grade
Thursday, April 12 Valley Christian School Mrs. Anderson 3rd Grade
Friday, April 13 Valley Christian School Mrs. Lallo 2nd Grade

Monday, April 16 Valley Christian School Miss Paige/Miss Murphy 1st & 2nd Grade
Tuesday, April 17 Valley Christian School Miss Boraweic 2nd Grade
Wednesday, April 18 Valley Christian School Miss Jenkins 5th Grade
Thursday, April 19 Valley Christian School Mrs Jandrokavic 4th Grade
Friday, April 20 Valley Christian School Mrs. Brown 4th Grade

Monday, April 23 Valley Christian School Mrs. Yargo 6th Grade
Tuesday, April 24 Valley Christian School Mr. Sweet 6th Grade
Wednesday, April 25 Lewis School Mrs. Ball 8th Grade

Thursday, April 26    Reilly Elementary Mrs. Colbert Grade 4
Friday, April 27    Reilly Elementary Miss. Miller Grade 4

Monday, April 30    Reilly Elementary Mrs. Warner Grade 3
Tuesday, May 1    Reilly Elementary Mrs. Brown Grade 3
Wednesday, May 2    Reilly Elementary Mr. Tucciarone Grade 4
Thursday, May 3    Reilly Elementary Mrs. Winn Grade 4
Friday ,May 4    Reilly Elementary Miss Burnett Grade 4

Monday, May 7    Reilly Elementary Mr. Winn Grade 3
Tuesday, May 8    Reilly Elementary Miss O’Brien Grade 3
Wednesday, May 9    Reilly Elementary Mrs. Trustry Grade 3
Thursday, May 10    Reilly Elementary Mrs. Janofa Grade 3
Friday, May 11    Reilly Elementary Mrs. Hagan Grade 4

Monday, May 14    Reilly Elementary Mrs. Carr Grade 3
Tuesday, May 15    Howland Glen Elementary Mrs. Harrington Grade 2
Wednesday, May 16    Howland Glen Elementary Mrs. Chopko Grade 2
Thursday, May 17    Howland Glen Elementary Mrs. Yaccavone Grade 2
Friday, May 18    Howland Glen Elementary Mrs. Bell/Mrs Murray Grade 2

Monday, May 21    Howland Glen Elementary Mrs. Murray Grade 2
Tuesday, May 22    Howland Glen Elementary Mrs. Dotson Grade 2
Wednesday, May 23    Howland Glen Elementary Miss Skoczylas Grade 2
Thursday, May 24    Howland Glen Elementary Mrs. Chasser Grade 2
Friday, May 25    Howland Glen Elementary Mrs. Tisone Kindergarten

Monday, May 28    Howland Glen Elementary Mrs. Myers Kindergarten
Tuesday, May 29    Howland Glen Elementary Mrs. Baker Kindergarten
Wednesday, May 30    Howland Glen Elementary Mrs. Gysegem Kindergarten


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