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Hometown Heroes work after class to bring their school news

Fourth-graders are creating Brookfield Elementary's first school newspaper

BROOKFIELD TWP., Ohio (WYTV) - Students at Brookfield Elementary School wanted to inform their classmates and teachers about what was going on in the school and community. So they started their own school newspaper -- "What's Happening Brookfield Elementary News."

It's not a class. Fourth-graders are creating Brookfield Elementary's first school newspaper in their spare time.

Brayden Reed, David Dejoy, Johnny Brenner and Tyler Miller are all friends. They play basketball together, but the idea of a school newspaper didn't happen on the court.

"I read a book and they had a school newspaper," David said. "So I thought it would be cool if we had one because people in our school wouldn't know what was happening. They would just be clueless and curious."

The boys took the idea to their teacher.

"They took off running from the beginning. I, basically, did nothing other than help edit," Jay Bodnar said.

The newspaper is printed once a month and the first edition sold out -- more than 200 copies.

"I thought it was just going to be one of the things we start and it won't be anything big, but oh -- it's something big," Brayden said.

"We write about school news, community, editorial and sports," David said.

"The most challenging part is definitely finding the information from people," Johnny said.

Only three months in, they found where to go to find stories.

"Our classmates, teachers -- that's probably our best source," Brayden said.

David said making the paper is a lot of fun.

"I get to hang out with my friends, get more time with them, make memories."

Their hard work is paying off in the classroom, too. The school newspaper is teaching them how to write paragraphs into shorter sentences, as well as improving their typing skills.

The most rewarding part for the boys is when the paper goes out.

"I like passing information off to everyone else," Johnny said.

"I wanted to help people know news and get information," Tyler said.

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